• Get You Horns On 2016 Winners

    Get You Horns On 2016 Winners

    Congratulations Team #24 raising $2000 for the Student Business Initiative Fund. (Brody Ford, Caleb Tizard, Eric Mclean, Joe Burt, Tara Bartholomew, Gianluca Stanziani )

    A total of $4148.00 raised by all! 

  • Alumni of the Month - Lindsay Higgs

    Alumni of the Month - Lindsay Higgs

SLC School of Business
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Learn all about Enactus St. Lawrence College

Kayla Russell
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Reflections - Career Development Week

The week began with a highly empowering advisory meeting facilitated by Bill Crowe. I’ll admit, however, that at the time I was rather skeptical of such a meeting. I’ve lived 19 years unsure of what I would make of my life; a ten-minute conversation with a man I had never met would surely count for nothing. But hey, it was the quickest 2 points I would earn all week so I went and boy, am I ever glad I did.

Grant Currie
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The Good Jobs Summit

UNIFOR initiated the Summit as a form of dialogue between all stakeholders in Canada’s economy. The focus of the Summit was to determine the roles of the different players and develop the beginning of an action plan between, Unions, Students, Industry and government to address the issues facing the people of Canada.