• Get You Horns On 2016 Winners

    Get You Horns On 2016 Winners

    Congratulations Team #24 raising $2000 for the Student Business Initiative Fund. (Brody Ford, Caleb Tizard, Eric Mclean, Joe Burt, Tara Bartholomew, Gianluca Stanziani )

    A total of $4148.00 raised by all! 

  • Alumni of the Month - Lindsay Higgs

    Alumni of the Month - Lindsay Higgs

John Conrad
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What does it take?

This summer I hired 4 new full time professors for the School of Business. Reflecting on these interviews there are some things I learned that would be beneficial to anyone competing for a job.

Amanda Hulton
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SLC Biz Quarterly Volume 1 September 2014

Read all about the School of Business, including upcoming events, tips for students and answers to your burning questions! Have an idea or want to contribute to the next issue? Email

SLC School of Business
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The Doing Is The Learning

"We do business here, we don't just talk about it" Dr. John Conrad, Associate Dean, School of Business