Badges FAQ!

How do I accept badges I earn?


There are three easy ways to accept Credit that others give you:


  • Email:  Click the "Save & Share" link in the email notification you receive when someone gives you Credit. That will take you to a page where you can sign into Credly (if you are not already) and click the button to accept the Credit.
  • "My Credit" Inbox: Visit your "My Credit" page from the user menu at the top right corner of the page and visit your "Inbox". Click the "Manage" button for any Credit in your Inbox and then click "Accept" to accept the Credit.
  • AutoShare: Set up your "AutoShare" settings to automatically accept Credit from Trusted Issuers.

How do I add my digital badge to my LinkedIn profile?

  1. Login to Credly and visit the "My Credit" area of your account.

  2. Hover or click "Manage" on any saved badge (in your All, Public, Hidden, or Categories tabs) and click the share icon.

  3. Choose "LinkedIn". You have two choices:

    "Add to Profile" lets you share your achievement data directly on your LinkedIn Profile.

    "Share" will share your achievement as update with your LinkedIn network.

  4. When you click either button, you may be prompted to sign in to LinkedIn. 

    If you selected "Add to Profile", the achievement or certification information will be filled out for you on your LinkedIn profile. You can edit the information before you continue. Click Save.


Your achievement, badge or certification information will then appear under the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile. The title of the achievement will link to a verification page where additional information is available, including a longer description, evidence, the badge image and criteria for the accomplishment, details about the issuer, and validation of the achievement's authenticity.

A badge was issued to a different email address than the one currently tied to my Credly account. How do I claim the badge and merge it into my Credly account?


Let's say someone sends you credit to your work email address, but you already have a Credly account set-up with your personal address.   How can you get those badges into your existing Credly account?

You can have as many emails as you like connected to a single Credly account.  So in this example, by adding your work email account, you will automatically merge the new badge you received into your existing Credly account. 

Here's how to do that: 

  1. Login to and
  2. Visit your "Account Settings", which you can find in the user menu at the top right of the screen.
  3. Roll your mouse over the "Email" section of your profile and click the pencil icon.
  4. Click "Add Email" and enter the email address you want to add, exactly as it was used to send you the new badge you are trying to merge into your account.
  5. Check your email inbox for the email address you just added for a message from Credly. You will need to confirm your newly added email address before you may use it to accept badges sent to that address. Once you click the link in the confirmation email, your business address will be tied to your Credly account. 
  6. You will see the new badge that was sent to you show up in your "My Credit" Inbox: 

From there you can hover over the new badge, and click "Accept". 

We recommend adding and verifying all of your email addresses so you never miss the chance to receive Credit when you've earned it. 

By the way, your "primary" email address in Credly is the email address you use to login to your account, and it's the email we'll use to notify when you receive Credit from someone.

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