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Jodi Kipping
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A chance...

I enrolled into the 3 year Business Admin HR program and haven't thought twice about it. I have found my niche. I know where I need to be, where I fit- where I excel.

Jason Manuge
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TrendsTalk 2013 - My Impressions

Written by Jason Manuge, St. Lawrence College Student

Today I had the privilege of attending TrendsTalk, which was a mobile marketing/social media/digital marketing seminar that focused on using social and digital media to increase a business’ effectiveness . Presentations were made by students in the Advertising and Marketing Communications program, which was awesome.

John Conrad
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Be a Blacksmith

By John Conrad Associate Dean, School of Business

You may wonder what a blacksmith may have to do with being a Business student. Well a blacksmith takes raw iron and with heat, muscle, and great skill can make very strong and functional products. The work of a blacksmith is to make iron more functional and resilient.