My First Year in the Marketing Program at St. Lawrence College: A Look Back

I am on the last day of my first year as a marketing student at St. Lawrence College and in hindsight it is clear that I am closer to being prepared for a career than I was at the beginning of the year. While I'm still not sure what job I want to have for the rest of my life and I'm not quite ready for the responsibilities the type of career I would want comes with, I am closer. St. Lawrence College is without a doubt one of the main reasons for this for a couple of reasons. Those being that it seems like the courses are focus on preparing students for things they might be actually doing in the work place should they continue on the path that they are on. Another reason would be the instructors are very helpful not to mention they have valuable advice regarding your future, whether you heed it or not. 

I think it is pretty clear to everyone that the school systems are designed to get students ready for a career, and life when you have a career. I feel like this is more apparent to me now that the school year is over because if I can look back at the times I was successful compared to the times I wasn't it was largely due to my mindset towards school. When I thought of school as a chore I had a much harder time completing my work or going to class or ect. When I started approaching school with a mindset where I was trying to have fun with it everything became a lot easier. Now to tie the back to my first point I meant that with school, and a career, you have a schedule and responsibilities. While school may not be as demanding as a career the principle behind learning to enjoy what you are doing still applies and I can see how that could go a long way in having an enjoyable, successful career. 



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