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As a student, it can be hard to manage money as most of the money we have saved up or we earn go towards school and supplies for academic use. For a student, money is always in short supply, think of it as an endangered species, and it matters not how much we try it seems to be always fading away. There is no place in this generation for students to save money anymore. In this growing age of bills, the cost of living and minimum wages. Go away, we are told and take your limited of experience and lack of a Masters Degree with you. We are pushed aside, hunted down and weeded out at every advancement and increased pay opportunity, there is hardly a place for us in this world.

Yet there is hope, there is a safe heaven where we not just encouraged but also pushed to explore and follow our passion for learning, an environment where get to interact with professors and guest speakers so that we may pursue our thrust for success and professional growth. Most of the times these opportunities are provided to us by St. Lawrence College at no additional cost but some times these events can be very costly to attend. Usually the events that cost more than others are hosted by other colleges or universities. This is where CCAC shows a significant role is assisting students with one of our biggest challenges. Money.

My story may not be unique to many but holds a significant value to me. As an aspiring business professional I am lost and want to find my place in this world. Due to my curious nature I want to experience many different things to help me understand myself and the world around me better. So when the opportunity presented itself for me to go to the Social Impact Summit at Queens University, I was extremely excited. The cost of the event was very expensive, but I was able to attend as I got reimbursed for half the price of the event and it made it easier and possible for me to attend the event. I gained a lot of knowledge and made meaningful connections through various networking opportunities during the event.   

-Miraam Bukhari, 2nd year Marketing


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