Why Career Week Matters - CARE 60

For some of you, Career Week may just seem like an extra reading week, it may seem like a hassle, or an annoying interruption to getting your semester done. What I would hope is that for most of you it is an exciting opportunity to gain some valuable knowledge.

Not all of us learn best in the typical class room environment. Career Week is an opportunity to learn hand’s on from experts in a more experiential learning style. It’s the opportunity to hear from professionals in their fields about things that you aren’t told by typical job descriptions, or postings. It’s also a great way to make some professional contacts for your network, to learn and to enhance your study habits and other personal behaviours.

I understand people don’t like to put themselves in a vulnerable position in front of their peers, but the reality is, is it really that embarrassing or awkward if everyone is already feeling that way? Be the one to break the ice and ask questions. Your peers will follow suit and no one will treat you unfairly for it. In the end, it will make the experience all the better and more informative for everyone.

If you are still too shy in the crowd, talk to the presenter afterwards. Ask for their contact information and if you can connect with them on LinkedIn. If you really hit it off they could very well end up being a future employer, or reference to get you in where you want to be.

Like with any part of your education, Career Week will be what you make of it. I would encourage you to engage as much as possible during the sessions. Get involved, ask questions and introduce yourself to the guest presenters. These sessions and speakers are here for you, take advantage of that.


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