Career Readiness Activities

The SLC School of Business has over 20 of Career Readiness Activities, popularly known as Extracurricular Activities, available for you, current students, to take part in. From competitions to community oriented entrepreneurial projects you have access to over 20 ways to engage and get ready for your career.

What matters is your attitude and drive, not the course you take. Accounting Advertising, Advertising Marketing Communications, Bachelor of BUsiness AdministrationBusiness, Human Resources, Marketing, Office Administration, Law Clerk, can all get involved.

Each activity offers a variety of benefits for you, from getting non-academic real-world experience in high-pressure environment, to the networking benefits of rubbing elbows with the who’s who in your industry.

Ready to get involved?

See all the extra-curricular activities available by downloading the PDF below.

Career Readiness Activities


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