The Next Best

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The Next Best 

The School of Business identifies business students who we believe will make a significant contribution to the business world upon graduation. These students will be recognized as “The Next Best”. The Next Best awards students are seen making a difference today by demonstrating essential employability skills needed to be successful in the future. These future oriented essential employability skills are outlined and described below: 

Adaptive Thinking: Grads will be required to be flexible in their thinking. They need to be able to respond to sudden change, see alternative perspectives to problems, and be a curious observer of their environment. They will need to be able to work in a complex and unpredictable world that requires reasonable solutions to all problems encountered. 

Interpersonal & Cross-cultural Skills: Grads will need to work with diverse audiences. They must easily be able to move between different cultures, demographic groups, and work with people that have different technical expertise. Grads must always be mindful and respectful of others when communicating and understanding their point of view on issues. 

Social Intelligence: Grads will need to be extremely self-aware and understand how their actions, works, and choices may impact themselves and others. They must be able to understand how to better serve others and work to ensure group success over individual success. This skill should be demonstrable in a variety of social contexts including the digital environment. 

Collaboration: Grads will not just have to work with others, but will have to approach problem solving in a manner that creates new solutions with a win/win scenario for all stakeholders. Collaboration requires a strong commitment to listening to others in order to build authentic relationships. 

Design Mindset: Grads will have to be innovative and demonstrate the skills of ideation and creativity in all aspects of their work. A design mindset requires critical thinking skills along with the ability to determine and understand client needs in both the short and long term. They must be willing to take risk and make decisions without all the facts or clarity on the outcome. 

Leadership: Grads will have to take ownership of their work, either in an individual or team environment, to produce the best outcome possible. They must use body language to encourage others, and read team interactions in order to communicate effectively. Leadership takes strategic thinking to get the most out of team members or guide them through independent effort.

Resiliency: Grads must deal with setbacks in a positive manner, and always learn something from a negative experience. They must attack problems head on and deal with the issues that arise in a positive way in order to meet individual or team goals.

Determination & Drive: Grads must have passion for the work that they do to be successful. They must use determination when tacking tough problems, and work until the task is complete. They must use drive to always keep pushing, even when they feel like giving up. Determination and drive will help grads become a vital member of any organization.


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