Bachelor of Business Administration

Earn a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Laurentian University at St. Lawrence College.

It’s the best of both worlds – university curriculum in a college setting.

About the Bachelor of Business Administration program:

This innovative program provides students the opportunity to earn a four-year Laurentian University degree at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Canada. The program combines the theoretical underpinnings of university with the practical strengths of college. The relationship provides access to education in a seamless manner, providing fair credit for prior academic study.

One of the distinguishing features of the BBA program is the significant position occupied by elective courses within the broader curriculum.  Fully 45% of all courses will be elective courses. This allows students to tailor the program to meet their particular needs. Students may drill deeply into a particular subject area or explore a range of subject areas that may be of interest.

Students will typically be in classes of 40 students or less, and will often find themselves in classes of less than 20 students in upper year elective courses.  This degree of intimacy allows for a richer, more interactive classroom experience.


Year One

ADMN 1016 Foundations of Management

ADMN 1017 Management Decision Making

ADMN 1126 Understanding and Using  Financial Information
ADMN 1107 Principles of Accounting

COSC 1702 Computer Applications

ECON 1006 Introductions to Economics 1

ECON 1007 Introductions to Economics 2

ENGL 1561 Business Writing

Elective 1

Elective 2


Year 2

ADMN 2306 Commercial Law

ADMN 2607 Introduction to Management Science

ADMN 3127 Marketing for Managers

ADMN 3136 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

ADMN 3216 Marketing Concepts

STAT 2606 Business Statistics

Elective 1

Elective 2

Elective 3

Elective 4

Year 3

ADMN 3106 Management Accounting & Control 1

ADMN 3107 Management Accounting & Control 2

ADMN 3116 Financial Management 1

ADMN 3117 Financial Management 2

ADMN 3137 Management of Human Resources

Elective 1

Elective 2

Elective 3

Elective 4

Elective 5



Year 4

ADMN 4046 Operations Management

ADMN 4606 Business Strategy & Policy 1

ADMN 4607 Business Strategy & Policy 2

Elective 1

Elective 2

Elective 3

Elective 4

Elective 5

Elective 6


“SLC, and all the amazing faculty who work here, have provided me with the confidence to realize my goals and set higher ones. My experience with the School of Business through the BBA program has truly transformed my life and inspired my pursuit of higher education.

Thank you SLC for your guidance, encouragement, and support. I feel privileged to have had professors foster my ambitions. “  - Gobind S. Ahuja  BBA 15’

“The BBA allowed me to get a university level education with all the practical application of a college program.  The small class sizes enabled me to excel and stand out among my peers. Having approachable and well-connected professors helped me land my current job.” - David Covey BBA 13’

Admissions Requirements:

High School Graduates:  Apply directly through (Program Code: 1043, Level 1)

Grade 12 4U/M courses:

  • One 12U English course
  • One or two 12U Math courses
  • Three additional grade 12U or M courses
  • Graduating minimum average of 70%

Students presenting equivalent qualifications will also be considered for admission. Students who do not meet the language or mathematics requirement may be admitted on an individual basis but will be required to include courses in these subjects during their first 30 credits.

Tuition Cost: Please refer to for the updated tuition information

Where can a Bachelor of Business Administration degree take you?
In addition to securing full-time employment upon completion of the program, students may apply to graduate and professional programs.  Recent graduates have gone on to:

  • Master's programs in areas including Business, Economics, and Finance
  • Professional programs including Law (LLB), Education (BEd) and Accounting (CPA)
  • Direct employment in roles including financial auditors and accountants, financial managers, banking credit and investment managers, sales, marketing and advertising managers, retail trade managers, and specialists in human resources.  


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