Most people attend college or university with a specific goal in mind—they want to become a professional within a specific discipline of function. In the trades it’s simple; you are a plumber, electrician, hair dresser, corrections officer, etc. In business you become an accountant, sales consultant, human resource professional, etc.

But what about the individual without a specific career goal? They want to work in a career-focused position; they want to be considered professional, yet cannot choose based on the narrow scope of the options presented.

St. Lawrence College's two-year Business diploma program is designed for students who want to build their knowledge of a broad range of important business functions. As such, graduates perform well in positions demanding flexibility and adaptability to challenges crossing traditional functional lines.

Students in the Business program share a common first year with Accounting, Human Resource Management and Marketing programs. Second year allows the student to expand on each of these areas plus general topics such as Business Law, Micro and Macro Economics, New Venture Development and Organizational Behaviour.

Our graduates have gone on to create small business or help run existing family businesses. Another ideal career path could include the management training provided by organizations that believe in the “hiring from within” philosophy. These organizations believe that by hiring bright individuals with strong people skills and proven aptitude for business and investing in their development, they are hiring the future managers and executives of the future.

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