Law Clerk

Get started on your new career as a Law Clerk in just 46 weeks and join the workforce as a specialized professional dealing with the application of law in a variety of settings.

This program prepares students to work in many different legal environments including law offices, government agencies and ministries, legal clinics, financial institutions, and various business enterprises. Our three-semester curriculum provides a solid foundation in legal procedures and substantive law ap­plicable to authorized areas of work for a law clerk. Emphasis is placed on property law, civil litigation, family law, criminal law, wills and estates, legal research and writing, and business law. Students become familiar with office procedures relating to the production of legal documents and specialized legal software programs. A four-week work place­ment provides students with an opportunity to enhance their classroom experience with practical work experience and exposure to potential employers.
A major objective of the program is to develop law clerks who are able to complete independent legal work as part of a team supporting lawyers in the day-to-day routine of their practice. In addition, the combina­tion of business and law subjects provides a strong foundation for career choices in other settings that offer services which apply law to specific interests. Recent employment situations of this type have included real estate offices, home construction companies, insurance companies, financial institutions, government agencies, community legal clinics, academic institutions, and private corporations.
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