Office Administration

A career in office work is challenging, fast paced, and interesting. In a typical office, you might be required to create/maintain a website, produce flyers, or generate a newsletter. You certainly will need to know how to use the Internet for information, travel arrangements, and e-mail processing. Further, you will be expected to manage electronic word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, and desktop publishing. ‘Soft skills’ such as the ability to manage your time, greet visitors properly, and answer the telephone effectively are highly valued by employers and taught in this program.

With the ability to complete both a general stream, or to specialize in medical or legal  streams this program allows for graduates to have a front line role within a stable field.

Here from a alumni:
Sixty Seconds With Ginny Lagille.

For more informtion and to find out how to apply, see the links below:

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For Office Administration - Legal and Medical, click here.